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About HackDSC

After a year filled with events, our concluding event would be "HackDSC2021" on 1-3th May 2021. The theme will be "Innovation", and the problem statement being - Targeting local problems and solving them through Technology. It will be open to all the students of our university, as well as others, encouraging healthy competition and giving students an insight as to where they stand. HackDSC will see the participation of all the University students and aims to provide the necessary exposure in Technical Domain.

When & Where?

1st May to 3rd May, 2021


15th April at 10AM
Registrations Starts
30th April at 12 AM
Registrations Ends
1st May at 10AM
Inauguration and Hackathon Begins
3rd May at 10AM
Submission Dealine
5th May at 10AM
Felicitation Ceremony


Technology that adds value for educators by making lessons easier and interesting classes for students.
As Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are already in limelight, let's dig deeper into management solutions and clash flow systems
With the ongoing pandemic, we have realized that we are still far from an effective quality of healthcare system, so we await for innovation that saves lives and time.
We all agree with respecting privacy and protecting against data leakages. But let's face it, the online world poses big challenges in the field of security, so for modern problems, we need modern solutions.
Women Empowerment
Women in Tech! Taking these words into action, we implore all the females to bring out their best in HackDSC 2021, to show girl power and reach greater heights with confidence and skill.
Climate Change
As it is obvious of how the world is facing harsh environmental changes, so if we have a chance to improve, we should step forward with technology in hand.
Open Innovation
Let's go wild as we discover uniqueness with technology, from music to shopping to travelling to AR/VR. Let's explore!
Computerizing agriculture in order to grow worldwide practice, let's use HackDSC to develop on it.
Cloud Computing
Everyday life activities such as Banking, Email, Media Streaming, and Ecommerce all use the Cloud.


The hackathon is free of cost.

From a team, one participant should register, and others should join the team. In case of redundant registrations, one will be chosen randomly.

The event is open to participants from all universities.

The team size can vary from 1 to 4 people at most.

Yes, you can participate alone. The team size varies from 1 to 4 people at most.

Projects from the categories: Education, Fintech, Health, Security, Women Empowerment, Climate Change, Open Innovation, Agriculture are welcome.
The projects can be either Web, Android, ML, or Blockchain-based. Any relevant project will be considered.

We will be active on our discord server, and our website will be updated regularly as well.

There are no specific qualifications required. Anyone with a basic programming background can apply.

No, the submission must be completed in the given 48 hours.

You can submit a complete presentation explaining the project along with the objectives and working. Along with it, do submit the code up to the last commit.



Siddhant Singh
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Email: siddhant3646@gmail.com

Smit Barmase
Call: +917887395457
Email: smit.jitendra2019@vitbhopal.ac.in


VIT Bhopal University
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Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, India.